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1900 Sixteenth and 1551 Wewatta GOING GREEN!

1900 Sixteenth Street makes it easy for occupants to be “green” during their time in the building. Online tools, like TenantConnect, provide access to purchasing cost-effective, environmentally sensitive supplies and services.

Besides recommending behaviors that reduce overhead and office consumption, building management offers a recycling program that can be customized to any office type or size, and provides guidance on the proper disposal of assorted waste, including electronics. Since awareness is crucial to educating occupants on the benefits of sustainability, 1900 Sixteenth Street partners with EPA, U.S. Green Building Council and others in promoting energy and resource efficiency through exciting campaigns, from national Earth Day to “Change the World, Start with ENERGY STAR.” There’s even a popular campaign featuring superheroes to help transport the message!

To learn more, browse through the links below, or just call Property Management and say... “Go Green!"

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1900 Sixteenth Street achieves LEED Platinum:
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Bring Your Green to Work | How to make a personal difference.
CBRE Lamp Recycling | National lamp recycling program.
CBRE, Inc. | Corporate initiative for "a greener tomorrow".
EarthLab | Comprehensive carbon and lifestyle calculator.
ENERGY STAR | EPA program for energy savings and certification.
Global Reporting Initiative | Top sustainability reporting framework.
Green Seal | Recommendations for indoor living.
GREENGUARD | GREENGUARD Environmental Institute programs.
NASA Climate Time Machine | Track climate change from space.
USGBC | LEED green building certification and accreditation.
WasteWise | Dedicated to conservation and preventing waste.
WaterSense | EPA site for water efficiency and conservation.
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